Vol. 2 No. 2
This Issue:

The In Box:
Letters from our readers
Ear Wax:
Music from around the world
american bondage comics:
Del Vlad joins a union
Fafo's Art Haus:
This month's work is some older pieces by C.D. Hurter
Web Views: Sex:
Michael McInnis scores with some tips about sex sites on the Web

Forbidden Love, Sunday:
Chapter 3: Alive and Kicking
The New Dylans:
Paul Most exposes myths in rock
Learning in Las Vegas:
A new short story by Geary Kaczorowski
Stinks Like Butter:
Television and its spawn examined by Dr. Scooter
Harry's Dick:
Henry James had one, Craig Kaczorowski looks at it
The Bog People:
William Clark unearths some interesting news about our possible ancestors

Staff Tension