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monday's playlist: 12/31/07
dengue fever monsoon of perfume
david bowie warszawa
annie lennox fingernail moon
radiohead jigsaw falling into place
flipper sex bomb baby
devo buttered beauties
björk all neon like
the shackletons emergency
roky erikson creature with the atom brain
wire no warning given
the clash stay free
elvis presley clambake
peter gabriel und durch den drahty
the box tops i must be the devil
neutral milk hotel two headed boy
frank turner the real damage
archie shepp my romance
duke ellington fleurette africaine
gerry mulligan love in new orleans
black rebel motorcycle club vision
brian eno needles in the camel's eye
gorillaz hong kong
canray fontenot malinda
il canto di malavita i cunfiranti (the traitors)
bob marley exodus
bongo logic guantanamera
pine hill haints cat fish angels
ween blue balloon
bloodstone natural high
floyd dixon what is life without a home
the delfonics didn't i (blow your mind this time)
einsturzende neubauten nagorny karabach
baby shambles french dog blues
leland golden west
flatt & scruggs blue ridge cabin home

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big pile of bones

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