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monday's playlist: 12/17/07
john cale guts
eyeball skeleton bad guy stew
the hindi guns count to ten
roxy music for your pleasure
nick cave & the bad seeds hiding all away
feedtime long haul
joy division decades
the kills dead road 7
les savy fav a sleepers union
kramer nine minus seven is two
rebuilding the rights of statues a vision of chris
lester bowie number 1
pj harvey before departure
raveonettes somewhere in texas
nobody's children good times
sickos closer to fine
greg sage stay by me
ghostface killah walking through the dark
sing sing everything
the cables baby why
el caminos shock wave '95
wolf parade i'll believe anything
my bloody valentine i only said
muddy waters deep down in florida
the ponys trouble trouble
gang of 4 i parade myself
jenny lewis the big guns
david murray roscoe
captain beefheart abba zaba
the beatings remedial math rock
guitar wolf really wild zero
frank turner i don't care what you did on your gap year
the libertines don't look back into the sun
the handsome family 3-legged dog

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big pile of bones

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