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monday's playlist: 12/10/07
shriekback my spine (is the bass line)
a certain ratio flight
talking heads houses in motion
wire our time
patti smith birdland
throwing muses hook in her head
the teddy bears to know him is to love him
annie lennox smithereens
frank zappa son of mr. green genes
shonen knife sushi bar
ornette coleman the jungle is a skyscraper
lester young blues in g
eric dolphy out there
sonny rollins i remember clifford
joe "king" carrasco houston el mover
magic slim crazy woman
agent orange fire in the rain
roy orbison only the lonely (know the way i feel)
nirvana paper cuts
radiohead weird fishes/arpeggi
camper van beethoven zz top goes to egypt
black rebel motorcycle club 20 hours
carl perkins dixie fried
fela kuti no agreement
charles mingus cryin' blues
rolling stones let it bleed
au pairs that's when it's worth it
modest mouse dramamine
the libertines time for heroes
happy mondays wrote for luck
carbon/silicon tell it like it is
gorillaz murdoc is god
pine hill haints st. louis blues

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big pile of bones

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