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monday's playlist: 12/03/07
gorillaz kids with guns
black rebel motorcycle club the likes of you
pending disappointment pop culture will burn
sleater-kinney rollercoaster
les savy fav the lowest bitter
damien marley all night
dave gahan insoluble
the bran flakes let us praise him, children
robyn hitchcock acid bird
the pierces ruin
enon ashish
tom verlaine & the million dollar bashes cold iron bounds
einsturzende neubauten ichwarte
ralph stanley he comes to us dead
ween your party
carbon/silicon oilwell
pj harvey to talk to you
robert fripp/peter gabriel exposure
annie lennox through the glass darkly
wire desert diving
scratch acid moron's moron
circle jerks world up my ass
old time relijun indestructible life
neil young spirit road
dinosaur jr. yeah we know
butthole surfers eindhoven chicken masque
pine hill haints cuckoo bird
minutemen price of paradise
the gun club cool drink of water
the cribs get yr hand out of my grave
nina simone backlash blues
magik markers body rot
dead milkmen the fez
the coathangers the missing letter
siouxsie here comes that day
robert wyatt anachronist

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big pile of bones

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