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monday's playlist: 11/26/07
bags dark days in the valley
deerhoof green cosmos
jared thomas lord killing moon
dengue fever 22 nights
death from above 1979 sexy results
these are powers nubians on franklin ave.
explosions in the sky look into the air
einsturzende neubauten let's do it a dada
etienne joumet doudouk
martin denny ebb tide
firewater some velvet morning
wire 23 years too late
julian cope i'm not losing sleep
sunset rubdown the mending of the gown
baby shambles crumb begging baghead
carbon/silicon the news
octopus project upmann
demolition doll rods on the way to school
akron/family don't be afraid, you're already dead
the fall the wright stuff
neil young the way
johnny cash the man comes around
ween the fruit man
stephen marley iron bars
bootsy's new rubber band bad girl
gas huffer adedly blues
old time relijun garden of pomegranates
comets on fire jay bird
new order told you so
leland the sound of music
new young pony club the get go
fire engine everythings roses
a place to bury strangers to fix the gash in your head
fatal flying guilloteens great apes

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big pile of bones

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