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monday's playlist: 11/05/07
neil young ordinary people
pretty girls make graves parade
ween woman and man
preston school of industry tone it down
the pine hill haints ol' white thing blues
the cribs mens needs
mutantes don quixote
animal collective for reverand green
pj harvey before departure
stephen malkmus and the million dollar bashers ballad of the thin man
pere ubu texas overture
akron/family phenomena
robert pollard the killers
los campesinos we throw parties, you throw knives
baby shambles lost art of murder
fiery furnaces the philadelphia grand jury
les savy fav the equestrian
tiny masters of today hologram world
jared thomas lord guns of brixton
ego plum & the ebola music orchestra the chinese carnival show
café tacuba volvera conen zar
moist guitars jesus money
iron & wine resurrection fern
thurston moore silver blue
golden death music lost in violence
a place to bury strangers the falling sun
orange the last punk in l.a.
carbon/silicon caesars palace
brian jonestown massacre sue
modest mouse worms vs birds

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big pile of bones

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