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monday's playlist: 10/28/02

mitch ryder & the detroit wheels sock it to me
sammy davis, jr. what kind of fool am i?
add n to (x) sheez mine
individuals jungle superman
david bowie teenage wild life
black heart procession why i stay
roxy music is there something
coco you know
blur beetlebum
eric dolphy the way you look tonight
thelonius monk let's call this
the flaming sideburns underground confusion
elf power never talking to you again
hüsker dü too far down
ween morning glory
anti-flag no borders no nations
the donnas take it off
james brown get up, get into it, and get involved
wynonie harris wynonie's blues
el-p #2
talking heads waring signs
leonard cohen i'm your man
billy bragg greetings to the new brunette
modest mouse wild pack of family dogs
suicide television executions
death cab for cutie president of what?
wire i don't understand
beatsteaks mirrored
the space lady i had too much to dream (last night)
ice-t police story
x los angeles
electronica make it happen
the living end making time
special aka break down the door
roc larue & the 3 pals rockabilly yodel
fela kuti my lady frustration
portishead biscuit

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