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monday's playlist: 10/14/02

isaac hayes make a little love to me
bobby fuller wine, wine, wine
devo the day my baby gave me a surprize
steel pole bathtub black eye fixer
moving sidewalks 99th floor
minor threat screaming at a wall
wayne newton danke shoen
say hi to your mom they write books about this sort of thing
a whisper in the noise the song you hate
johnny cash personal jesus
the music machine talk talk
dennis & the times flight patterns
black heart procession sympathy crime
space ghost's zorak don't send in the clowns
black dice seabird
vaqueros 69
cheb zahouania shab el baroud
prole! generation landslide
heros severum from foot to foot
green to think sundays were made for this
the soup greens like a rolling stone
lo/hi three fish
the hives king of asskissing
the graves brothers deluxe deadbeat heart
hot hot heat naked in the city again
john lee hooker you don't miss your water
love my little red book
nwa straight outta compton
elvis hitler yummy yummy yummy
felix da housecat trippin' on a trip
barney rubble beans
rilo kiley spectacular view
halo friendlies milwaukee
haymarket riot trip on out
the lewis & clark expedition i feel good (i feel bad)
squarepusher f-train
the flaming lips she is death
bad astronaut another bad romance
picastro no name
the driving stupid horror asparagus stories
space ghost's brak don't touch me
asian dub foundation rebel warrior
frederic galliano & the african divas koutiom

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