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monday's playlist: 10/07/02

heaven 17 (we don't need this) fascist groove thang
troubled hubble what we do
mudhoney baby, can you dig the light
the flaming lips killer on the radio
public image limited albatross
hot hot heat in cairo
johnny cash personal jesus
tom waits in the neighborhood
eric b & rakim juice (know the ledge)
yello i love you
mindfield a summer with her
rilo kiley paints peeling
lunk ugliest guy in the world
sleater-kinney priestina
matching mole no 'alf measures
ivy let's go to bed
the clash washington bullets
steve earle john walkers blues
pussy galore hang on
q & not u this are flashes
human sexual response chains for you
heros severum driving in a perpetual summer
buddy morrow & his orchestra night train
david amram pull my daisy
black flag louie louie
lo/hi dig thru
nina hagen my way
rotten apples fight for your life
the rolling stones we love you
faux jean flight of the bumblebees
felix da housecat marine mood
dzihan & kamien where's johnny sabatino
mali music institut national des arts
mr. lif new man theme
flipper get away
frank black & the catholics how you went so far
barbara ann wish
big black heartbeat

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