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monday's playlist: 9/30/02

beastie boys cookie puss
solomon burke none of us are free
aretha franklin trouble in mind
ariel aparicio the wild ones
groove armada pre 63
david harrow yassassin
barbara ann head
velocity girl gilded stars
pixies caribou
white stripes i'm finding it harder to be a gentleman
dilute vs.
frank zappa and the mothers of invention trouble every day
modest mouse teeth like god's shoeshine
flaming lips chrome plated suicide
bullet lavolta swandive
exhaust voice boxed
public enemy black steel in the hour of chaos
marianne faithfull sliding through on charm
muddy waters tiger in your tank
pulp weeds
hellacopters television addict
microphones i lost my wind
steve earle conspiracy theory
the residents the confused transexual
eyes adrift pyramids
daniel johnston speeding motorcycle
les sans culottes funky periphenique
buffalo tom birdbrain
rotten apples my house
hot snakes paid in cigarettes
sonic youth halloween
dave douglas going going
jack kerouac visions of neal
the capitals cool jerk
archie bell & the drells tighten up
wire in the art of sleeping

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