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monday's playlist: 9/23/02

b52's revolution rock
coachwhips pit it in/way down south
marshmellow steamshovel steamshovel
13th floor elevators roller coaster
barbara ann ode to my freaks
25 suaves michigan
bangs dirty knives
guided by voices hot freaks
the beautiful daze city jungle part 2
ministry lay lady lay
mission of burma all world cowboy romance
cucumber under
scratch acid moron's moron
diamanda galas insame asylum
eyes adrift untried
king tubby fire dread dub
fela kuti unecessary begging
throwing muses pearl
doug martsch window
mecca normal revolution #pine
q and not u air conditions
new order kiss of death
fuzz townshend fantasy
wire comet
feedtime curtains
halo friendlies over it
xiu xiu ceremony
scruffy the cat my baby she's all right
hives aka i-d-i-o-t
the pattern the best hate the rest
king louie's court king louie's glue
redneck greece delux mama was a dancer at the clermont lounge
the korner stones do the rat fink
sudden rush rock up your town
jimi hendrix love or confusion

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