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monday's playlist: 9/09/02

mudhoney baby, can you dig the light
iggy pop & the stooges death trip
wire i don't understand
sonic youth coca neon kamera sutra
meat puppets the whistling song
nerf herder mr. spock
new order 60 miles an hour
pulp the night that minnie timperley died
sleater-kinney one beat
nina hagen spirit in the sky
rotten apples love career
interpol pda
big al downing georgia slop
john doe forever for you
muddy waters she's nineteen years old
slant 6 are you human?
eyes adrift telescope
hank williams there'll be no tear-drops tonight
low candy girl
rainer maria ceremony
single frame ashtray new car smell
dole dickens we're gonna rock this morning
neutral milk hotel king of carrot flowers, part 1
the hives black jack
minutemen the cheerleaders
devo mechanical man
radiohead planet telex
frank zappa & the mothers of invention blessed relief
hot snakes i hate the kids
morcheeba public displays of affection
gun club goodbye johnny
hellacopters down right blue
uncle tupelo no depression
mecca normal no mind's eye
bush tetras punch drunk
william bell you don't miss your water
the tumblers scream
shonen knife blue oyster cult
senor coconut tour de france

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