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monday's playlist: 9/02/02

gang of 4 anthrax
the cure the kiss
queens of the stone age do it again
flipper shed no tears
rotten apples noticeable one
neats water
eyes adrift untried
kut up destination
r.e.m. gardening at night
sleater-kinney combat rock
naked raygun dog at large/knock me down
the (international) noise conspiracy dead language of love
mudhoney touch me i'm sick
urge overkill woman 2 woman
nirvana dive
volcano suns dot on a map
frank black & the catholics heloise
wire pink flag
combat wounded veteran folded space: mapping unexploded ordnance
ohio players fire
big black cables
the white stripes hello operator
the hives supply & demand
modest mouse the stars are projectors
x in this house i call home
black flag my war
the vibrators whips & furs
the raincoats pretty
tom verlaine true story
hellacopters crimson ballroom
the wipers any time you find
blonde redhead violent life
pixies veloria
black rebel motorcycle club screaming gun
irving did i ever tell you i'm not in love with your girlfriend
david bowie heroes

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