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monday's playlist: 7/30/07
baby guts three dollar black eyes
francine reed wild women
prince planet earth
mothers of invention directly from my heart to you
elvis costello girls talk
interpol the lighthouse
space negros vigor the ice man
lovely day china #10
bonde do role quero te amar
bush tetras too many creeps
au pairs american
flipper exist or else
louise kennedy poo ya lee
david bowie aladdin sane
gun club walkin' with the beast
social distortion like an outlaw (for you)
mel torme sunshine superman
nina hagen iki maska
los straightjackets do the daddy-o
human sexual response land of the glass pinecones
slits instant hits
sonny simmons land of the freaks
john zorn largo
sly & the family stone family affair
happy mondays russell
erskine hawkins don't cry baby
malcolm mclaren buffalo gals
oakley hall end time evangelist
two gallants all your faithless loyalties
nick cave & the bad seeds by the time i got to phoenix
robert pollard conqueror of the moon
huevos rancheros american sunset
the leftovers gotta go
meat puppets lost
pavement in the month a desert
payom moogda tambu dern sae (why do you walk like a drunkard)
public enemy harder than you think

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big pile of bones

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