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monday's playlist: 7/16/07
frank zappa florentine pogen
hole doll parts
joy division atmosphere
iggy & the stooges i need somebody
fela kuti no buredi (no bread)
cambodian rocks #3
the cure a forest
pissed jeans scrapbooking
bush chemists east of jaro
impressions choice of colors
babes in toyland hello
the white stripes you don't know what love is (you just do as you're told)
cecil gant blues in l.a.
los lobos shakin' shakin' shakes
captain beefheart china pig
ed blackwell trio blues for j.a.m.
parliament chocolate city
eric dolphy the baron
rebuilding the rights of statues die in 1977
chemical brothers the pills won't help you now
buffalo springfield broken arrow
bingy bunny tribute lament for lamont
the neats tonight
rilo kiley the moneymaker
interpol rest my chemistry
the upstarts my cadillac
ros sereysathea pink night
tiny vipers #2
shonen knife i am a cat
tuxedo moon watching the blood flow
billy bragg & wilco california stars
robert fripp exposure
decemberists summersong
o'yaba tomorrow nation

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big pile of bones

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