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monday's playlist: 7/09/07
flesheaters baby won't ya
silver fleet look out world
eddie floyd slip away
sleater-kinney get up
ethiopians give me your love
queens of the stone age turnin' on the screw
interpol pioneer to the falls
sonic youth total trash
cc sound factory breathless
beastie boys the gala event
gorillaz man research
charles mingus orange was the colour of her dress, then blue silk
lee morgan terrible "t"
neutral milk hotel song against sex
bonde do role marina gasolina
funkadelic super stupid
professor longhair sick and tired
fleshtones the sweetest thing
arthur & yu afterglow
porter wagoner a place to hang my hat
leonard cohen last years man
john doe meanest man in the world
joe shithead keithley new for all ages
elastica my sex
steve miller/lol coxhill big jobs #2
mice parade double dolphins on the nickel
archie shepp calling it the 9th
dave douglas going going
the ponys let's kill ourselves
concretes be mine
rainer maria catastrophe
lounge lizards she drove me mad

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big pile of bones

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