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monday's playlist: 7/02/07
the donnas friends like mine
grinderman grinderman
pj harvey horses in my dreams
new order everythings gone green
eleventh dream day tenth leaving train
jefferson airplane we can be together
comets on fire pussyfootin' the duke
urge overkill emmaline
brian eno/david byrne moonlight in glory
mahlathini & mahotella queens umasihlallisane
leadbelly ham and eggs
ray charles the right time
the streets dry your eyes
jimi hendrix experience voodoo chile
john cale hallelujah
mc5 skunk (sonically speaking)
the who rael
the clash lovers rock
the white stripes i'm turing into you
beastie boys dramastically different
x los angeles
devo buttered beauties
archie shepp now's the time
carlos santana/mahvishnu john mclaughlin a love supreme
miles davis summertime
the beatings stockholm syndrome relapse
brian eno baby's on fire
pissed jeans i've still got you (ice cream)
spirit life has just begun

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big pile of bones

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