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monday's playlist: 6/24/02

sonic youth karen revisited
ugly casanovas so long to the holidays
steroid maximus pusher jones
violent femmes to the kill
nashville pussy gonna hitchhike down to cincinnati and kick the shit out of your drunk daddy
ruins infect
bottles & skulls america dreams
art ensemble of chicago dreaming of the master
clifford brown wail bait
belle & sebastian wandering alone
roky erickson i have always been here before
flaming lips in the morning of the magicians
dame fate river letters
my life with the thrill kill kult flesh playhouse (give us flesh)
tom waits downtown
david sylvian & robert fripp god's monkey
chuck d no
radiohead planet telex
yume bitsu #2
steele beautttah africa
sea ray nicholas ray
butthole surfers one million people dead
steve earle time has come today
ralph stanley false hearted lovers blues
the international noise conspiracy up for sale
ben weasel patience
go jimmy go soul arrival
the feud vs yr universe darker than this one
pylon catch
space ghost everybody wants to be space ghost
built to spill reasons
magnetic fields when you were my baby
rainer maria ceremony
pee shy keep it simple stupid

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