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monday's playlist: 6/10/02

butthole surfers all day
spaceheads on a clear day
femi kuti missing link
enon natural disasters
mary timony the mirror
naroibi trio framing the guilty party
jon spencer blues explosion killer wolf
the flaming lips do you realize?
miles davis so what
weather report cucumber slumber
dillinger 4 a floater left with pleasure in the executive washroom
sinners & saints the sky is falling (prophecy realized)
crispy ambulance even now in heaven there are angels carrying savage weapons
verona downs outringing
steroid maximus chain reaction
mile marker insect incest
hot hot heat touch you touch you
dj shadow blood on the motorway
orchestra maneuveres in the dark genetic engineering
imperial teen baby
cato salsa experience albert bones electric meal
service anxiety needs gasoline
yahoos mabala
soft machine hibou anemone and bear
kevin blechdom jelly donuts
sons seals frigidaire woman
el-p dead disnee
ian drury inbetweenies
landing blue sky away
roaring lion i ain't gonna do it no more
marine research you and a girl
feud vs. yr universe the heavy duty trasporter
lord invader my intention is war
the white stripes why can't you be nicer to me
gidon kremer vardarito
little alice why oh why
dame fate lovely drug
slim harpo raining in my heart

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