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monday's playlist: 6/03/02

fela kuti mr. follow follow
yume bitsu track #9
roxy music for your pleasure
capital k city
el guapo rumbledream
joe thomas & his orchestra tearing hair
the shelley winters project breaking down in the dark
cato salsa ensemble can give you anything
wayne kramer a farewell to whiskey
the mothers of invention cruising for burgers
ween push th' little daisies
radio 4 eyes wide open
bob mould first drag of the day
flaming lips christmas at the zoo
david bowie ziggy stardust
starlings, tn my daddy was a preacher
sonny rollins dearly beloved
electronica forbidden city
built to spill carry the zero
the feud versus yr universe sometimes...fewding
cul de sac immortality lessons
john cale fear
volumizer what's your problem
the mountain goats golden boy
the breeders huffer
ugly casanovas barnacles
the meta-matics constructive deconstruction
can dizzy dizzy
bongo maffin laduma izulu
sushirobo the candidate
snowglobe blue balcony
le tigre tres bien
coach whips these things belong to someone else
nina hagen new york, new york

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