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monday's playlist: 5/07/07
60 watt kid hollywood hunter
motorhead deaf forever
aeroplane pageant ghosts & the ballerina
happy flowers i said i wanna watch cartoons
the ants radio
modest mouse spitting venom
the bags spread it around
mothers of invention trouble every day
joe morris wow
unknown instructors doghouse riley
pete yorn burrito
jad fair & kramer california
the white stripes icky thump
the replacements 16 blues
grails deadvine blues
feedtime paint it black
low belarus
john coltrane & don cherry cherry co
sonny rollins mangos
ornette coleman broken shadows
where's moo airplane
björk the boho dance
camper van beethoven all her favorite fruit
calvin johnson & the sons of the soil can we kiss
gang of 4 5:45
bookmobile + zapan upbeet
the fall fall sounds
midnight creeps red rum
george clinton do fries go with that shake
james brown super bad super slick
dinosaur jr. it's me
air conditioning conclusions/concussions
scuba you break my heart in 1000 different ways
greg palast busted & bloody

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big pile of bones

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