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monday's playlist: 05/24/04

lene lovich new toy
sons of slum the man
curtis mayfield future shock
king curtis soulin'
david byrne pirates
jerry lee lewis high school confidential
read yellow the easiest part of surveillance
joy division these days
devo goo goo itch
nancy sinatra the city never sleeps at night
grace jones my jamaican guy
space ghost minky boodle
neutral milk hotel king of carrot flowers, part 1
liberace the rosary
mum oh how the boat drifts
les sans coulottes la radio (when i listen to the radio)
martha & the muffins about insomnia
james chance designed to kill
elvis costello radio radio
friends of dean martinez nowhere to go
hüsker dü eight miles high
camper van beethoven we're a bad trip
hot snakes paid in cigarettes
the vapors jimmie jones
billy vits pop up
john wilkes booze they don't like me in this town/carpe diem
angelic upstarts understand
jello biafra w/doa that's progress
laurie anderson walk the dog
nashville pussy can't get rid of it
naked raygun the grind
depeche mode now this is fun
essential logic tame the neighbors
yoko ono walking on thin ice
iron & wine the sea & the rhythm
minutemen courage
flash & the express what do i got to do
the yardbirds for your love
bob marley & the wailers rat race
michigan & smiley diseases
space ghost baloney sandwich
mudhoney i'm spun
joe jackson got the time
(international) noise conspiracy bigger cages, longer chains
the sick lipstick thigh mastr, i'm yr master
greg palast christopher hitchens & barbie
athlete el salvador
horrorpops what's under my bed
cameo word up

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big pile of bones

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