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monday's playlist: 05/17/04

sonic youth stones
mercury rev empire state (son house in excelsis)
soft machine pigling bland
piebald the benefits of ice cream
melissa auf der maur lightning is my girl
i want my mommy the nuns are dynamite
patti smith break it up
penelope houston buffalo ballet
james chance contort yourself
groove armada i see you baby
twilight circus the groove
old time relijun pardes rimnonim
modest mouse ocean breathes salty
andre ethier sweep up after me
friends of dean martinez nowhere to go
this moment in black history coupon the movie
demolition doll rods take it off
the kallikak family hands clenched
cat power nude as the news
low carnival queen
pedro the lion keep swinging
the beatles tomorrow never knows
the beau brummels sad little girl
frank zappa & the mothers of invention you're probably wondering why i'm here
the twerps love's a fyre
beastie boys ch-check it out
the demons of negativity resurrection
white stripes sugar never tasted so good
birthday party sonny's burning
read yellow a love supreme
the sleazies my kid drank poison
black cat music the jet trash
dawn davis and so does he
duke ellington switchblade
sonny rollins global warming
roy hargrove everything i have is yours/dedicated to you
talking heads crosseyed and painless
dilated peoples marathon
lovers 7 years
the places clean starts
sonic youth dude ranch nurse

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big pile of bones

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