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monday's playlist: 05/03/04

joe therrien & his rockets hey babe let's go downtown
pixies #13 baby
end. world went down
wynonnie harris i like my baby's pudding
david byrne glass, concrete & stone
jimmy swan rattlesnake daddy
clouddead the velvet ant
calla june
asobi seksu end at the beginning
the hawk in the mood
we ragazzi i'm gonna be fine
boyskout back to bed
modest mouse blame it on the tetons
the butchies 17
grandmaster flash & the furious five freedom
dilated peoples this way
marvin gaye mercy mercy me (the ecology)
aretha franklin see saw
systems officer forever this cyanide
von bondies no regrets
mission of burma absent mind
sultans too tough
eric dolphy miss ann
james chance throw me away
fred anderson & hamid drake black women
howling wolf you can't be beat
loretta lynn miss being mrs.
hüsker dü blah, blah, blah
demolition doll rods big rock candy mountain
camper van beethoven joe stalin's cadillac
etta james good rockin' daddy
the advantage contra - boss music
a wilhelm scream dreaming of throwing up
gas huffer release the robots
male slut industrial noise blues
komeda elvira madigan
tortoise it's all around you
nick cave & the bad seeds papa won't leave you henry
barbara lewis hello stranger
johnny cash pocahontas
al green i'm still in love with you

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big pile of bones

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