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big pile of bones
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monday's playlist: 3/26/07
modest mouse spitting venom
unknown instructors at the center
the vocokesh vibe #8
kanda bongo man lela lela
the viking band phom rak khoon tehing tebing (i really do love you)
joe falcon flames d'enfer
payom moogda tama dern sae (why do you walk like a drunkard)
golden bear all the stories ever told
secret mommy string lake
tiny hawks tornado children
bongwater you're like me
koko taylor hard pill to swallow
teddy bears punkrocker
land of talk magnetic hill
ryiuchi sakamoto railroad man
muhal richard abrams my thoughts are my future -- now and forever
steve lacy tracks
lee hazelwood boots (original melody)
maple stave igloo
gowns advice
lcd soundsystem get innocuous!
(international) noise conspiracy smash it up
modest mouse missed the boat
ooio #2
call sound call noise body body
infection agenda complication of the mind
klaxons as above so below
low always fade
merle haggard/willie nelson/ray price why me
jill cunniff exclusive
sister vanilla pastel blue
modest mouse march into the sea

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big pile of bones

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