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monday's playlist: 3/12/07
hot cross scrape wisdom
gowns cherylee
joakim drumtrax
devo dogs of democracy
the masons another world in the afternoon
klaxons two receivers
lee hazelwood it's nothing to me
pixies into the white
peter gabriel darkness
mother mother neighbor
peggy honeywell rank stranger
joy division atmosphere
land of talk street wheels
the little heroes come on
clap your hands say yeah satan said dance
!!! must be the moon
chicago afrobeat project zambi
modest mouse mice eat cheese
wolf & cub conundrum
infection agenda frat boy holocaust
toast machine the carpal tunnel song
ono w/ peaches kiss kiss kiss
radiohead fake plastic trees
merle haggard if i ever get lucky
jack o'fire trouble every day
little red, tangle eye, and hard hair early in the morning
serge gainsbourg overseas telegram
cat power in this hole
eldridge rodriguez you get what you want
love que vida
call sound call noise rancor aweigh
nakatomi plaza undefined
cliks nobody else will
lcd soundsystem time to get away

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big pile of bones

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