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monday's playlist: 3/05/07
gang of 4 tattoo
blur beetlebum
groove armada chicago
roy orbison i'm hurtin'
thomas jefferson slave apartments my mysterious death (turn it up)
hüsker dü turn on the news
mecca normal trapped against
mc5 let me try
television marquee moon
ogden edsel kinko the clown
lester williams i can't lose with the stuff i use
richard "groove" holmes moanin'
heartbreakers insonia
lloyd price ain't it a shame
art pepper move
cure open
kristin hersh vertigo
jon spencer blues explosion she said
lee "scratch" perry panic in babylon
pavement cut your hair
love me nots heart on a chain
jill cunniff apartment
arcade fire no cars go
ukes of space corners county in between
hazel dickens & alice gerrard walking in my sleep
secret mommy kool aid river
robyn hitchcock & venus 3 (a man's gotta know his limitations) briggs
the subjects icicles
elvis presley she's not you
cannonball adderley you got it
little alice why oh why
coleman hawkins pedalin'
les breastfeeders tunies pas mon chien

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big pile of bones

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