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monday's playlist: 03/29/04

elvis costello watching the detectives
the hindi guns come on
sultans i don't care what she thinks of me
ugly casanovas so long to the holidays
the white stripes hotel yorba
camper van beethoven the day lassie went to the moon
liars flow my tears the spider said
nick cave & the bad seeds wonderful life
greg palast dying regime
the ponys trouble trouble
subhumans wake up screaming
trans am divine invasion
lee perry & the soulettes rub & squeeze
world saxophone quartet hear my train a comin'
the avalanches frontier psychiatrist
olivia tremor control a peculiar noise called train "director"
new order every little counts
butthole surfers cherub
junkie xl with dave gahan reload
brian eno & david byrne help me somebody
fred anderson & hamid drake losel drolma
kraftwerk electric café
sick bees strawhat's dogs
boom hank jimmy loves mary-anne
hot snakes ben gurion
mojo nixon & second edition just dropped in (to see what condition my condition was in)
trapdoor fucking exit short term investment
john coltrane greensleeves
albert ayler universal indians
shriekback fish below the ice
nashville pussy let's get the hell out of here
von bondies crawl through the darkness
lungfish love is love
the jam start

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big pile of bones

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