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monday's playlist: 03/08/04

devo i'm a potato
dan the automator & dj shadow punjabi's pimps & players
danger mouse justify my thug
david bowie something in the air
deerhoof rainbow silhouette of the milky rain
new order rock the shack
the ponys let's kill ourselves
the changing times near you babe
interpol #3
bob dylan cold irons bound
bongwater schmooze dance
the hives outsmarted
the homosexuals soft south africans
monitors my baby's rocking
captain beefheart i'm glad
otis rush right place, wrong time
flaming lips turn it on
renaldo & the loaf green candle
(international) noise conspiracy the reproduction of death
bauhaus kick in the eye
nirvana here she comes now
firewater storm warning
pitbull that's nasty
the pioneers long shot kick de bucket
the raincoats pretty
clifton chenier all night long
doa general strike
sonny burgess hell yes i cheated
lyres never met a girl like you
jack o fire my baby walked off & died
the mussies 12 o'clock, july
serge gainsbourg relax baby be cool
x-ray spex oh bondage up yours
oliver lake quintet hat and beard
chet baker solar
antonio hart brother nasheet
albert ayler spirits
the hindi guns fury
olivia tremor control a sleep company
greg palast unicycle of evil
subhumans subvert city
danger mouse what more can i say

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big pile of bones

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