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monday's playlist: 03/01/04

13th floor elevators roller coaster
jimmy & the offbeats i ain't no miracle worker
the preachers who do you love
ghost piper
velvet underground the gift
bobby birdman unravel
ruth wallis it's great to be a broad
green velvet flash
clouddead dead dogs two
no cash a better tomorrow
junkie xl never alone
bobbie conn & the glass gypsies bus no. 243
duke ellington sweet and pungent
chicago underground trio pear
ornette coleman science fiction
chromatics jesus
camille howard x-temperaneous boogie
specials monkey man
horrorpops kool flattop
cheb sahraoui deblet gualbi
the flash express movin' it
coachwhips dance floor bathroom
the hindi guns i don't want to drink mercury
the ponys 10 fingers 11 toes
subhumans religious wars
black rebel motorcycle club stop
officer may slow burn
mission of burma that's how i escaped my certain fate
liars read the book that wrote itself
agent orange tearing me apart
guided by voices everywhere with helicopter
the ass baboons of venus lift & seperate
blonde redhead equus
theatre of hate do you believe in the westworld
johnny cash with carl perkins brown-eyed handsome man
olivia tremor control the opera house
the casual dots mama's gonna make us a cake
the butchies disco (feminist mix)
durutti column what is it to me (woman)
descendents 'merican
television carried away
firewater the beat goes on

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big pile of bones

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