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monday's playlist: 02/15/10
gil scott-heron me and the devil
hot chip slush
white stripes seven nation army (live)
flogging molly rebels of the sacred heart
bettie serveert calling
deadstring brothers sao paulo
lonelady fear no more
audiose my angel unit failure
crime in stereo exit halo
italian japanese lady bird
johnny cash ain't no grave
liars prom evolution
hush now all you've said and done
fictionist the well-made shadow
shout out louds the candle burned out
venus bogardus permanent notice
kashmir she's made of chalk
massive attack flat of the blade
the len price 3 keep your eyes on me
organ beats never gonna make it out of here alive
charlotte gainsbourg me and jane doe
nini + ben teresa
zeus heavy on me
winston audio nothing to hide
shearwater landscape at speed
polysics e.l.t.c.c.t.
hanne hukkelberg crack
watson twins tell me why
fed pennies know it all
fucked up fixed race
scruffs days of silver & gold
van gobots colorado
heligoats a guide to the out doors
final fantasy oh heartland up yours

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big pile of bones

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