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monday's playlist: 2/26/07
tigers & monkeys you know
revival favorite one
social distortion don't drag me down
sleater-kinney the last song
vietnam mr. goldfinger
high llamas winter day
lee hazelwood baghdad knights
velvet underground venus in furs
jad & david fair invisible man
archie shepp hot house
sonny stitt the midgets
sun ra pinpoints of spiral prisms
woggles rock & roll backlash
stooges fun house
clap your hands say yeah goodbye to mother and the cove
bikini kill lil red
anagram right kind of love
new young pony club descend
johnny thunders & patti palladin crawfish
paul weller from the floorboards up
friendly bears a doubtful case
talking heads houses in motion
starlights day tripper
shonen knife wind your spring
yoko ono mrs. lennon
deerhoof believe e.s.p.
public image limited bad baby
luther allison bad love
cecil taylor cecil taylor unit #3 (one too many salty swift and not goodbey)
billy hart el junque
clifton chenier let's rock awhile
the electras won't take no for an answer
mass movement of the moth crime
mouthful of bees under the glacier
call me lightning billion eyes
selector bomb scare

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big pile of bones

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