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monday's playlist: 02/21/05

joe king carrasco don't bug me baby
stereo total mars rendez-vous
roxy music both ends burning
alec k. redfearn & the eyesores bulgarian skin mechanic
kill yr idols 15 minutes
romeo void present tense
dalek eyes to form shadows
pilot scott tracy return to my home
low pissing
english beat drowning
bob marley & the wailers lively up yourself
ramones i believe in miracles
flesheaters blonde cobra
replacements within reach
the bags cavemen rejoice
greg sage astro cloud
marianne faithfull the mystery of love
public image limited chant
lcd sound system great release
brian eno blank frank
leonard cohen undertow
r.e.m. maps & legends
m.i.a. galang
dead meadow let's jump in
steve earle angry young man
interpol leif erickson
psychedelic furs imitation of christ
lemon jelly stay with you
rubber rodeo house of pain
the white stripes i think i smell a rat
shins kissing the lipless
juliana hatfield sellout
captain beefheart ice cream for crow
unrest so you wanna bo a rock and roll star
happy flowers i'm gonna have an accident
skanatra i get a kick out of you
salem 66 postcard
esquivel third man theme
mahi mahi stand up and walk

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big pile of bones

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