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monday's playlist: 02/14/05

john cooper clarke beasley street
the clash broadway
shivaree i close my eyes
enon fly south
interpol song seven
fur cups for teeth $100 haircut
sunshine thru magnetic fields
the moaners water
the sonnets movin' on
bettie serveert love i didn't have to love
sage francis slow down ghandi
plat astrid
r.l. burnside detroit boogie, part 2
plasmatics nothing
kill your idols i hate my guts
the c*nts strong
pony up! shut up & kiss me
mia doi todd muscle bone & blood
death cab for cutie world shut your mouth
jello biafra & the melvins dawn of the locusts
marianne faithfull there is a ghost
low monkey
franz ferdinand this fire
brian jonestown massacre who
giant drag yflmd
leonard cohen the letter
and you will know us by the trail of dead will you smile again
dalek distorted prose
die monitr batss girls of war
fast'n'bulbous when it blows its stack
jennifer gentle nothing makes sense
hood any hopeful thoughts arrive
dmbq taste
modest mouse the world at large

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big pile of bones

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