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monday's playlist: 02/07/05

low on the edge of
the sonnets friday night
pony up! going nowhere
stereo total das erste mal
angel witch atlantis
the c*nts i'm inside your brain
bettie serveert versace
fast'n'bulbous tropical hot dog night
sly & the family stone in time
twilight circus dub sound system uk steppers
shivaree 2 far
parker & lily the low lows
jennifer gentle liquid coffee
dumbwaiters wow
dalek asylum (permanent underclass)
dead meadow get up on down
the bell rays rude awakening
this moment in black history wiggly world
iggy pop you better run
the cribs direction
lemon jelly only time
giant drag cordial invitation
tracy & the plastics down feather
m83 moon child
marianne faithfull no child of mine
7 seconds all came undone
year future police yourself
valerian angel of death
alec redfearn & the eyesores the night it rained glass on onion street
the fight moved on
estee louder back breaker
clem snide the sound of german hip hop
they walk in line heart attack at 5am
mia doi todd the way
rocket science sox call
m.i.a. pull up the people

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big pile of bones

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