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monday's playlist: 02/16/04

antelope crowns
the fireballs good soul
avskum fight back capitalism
mahjongg jamdek
olivia tremor control define a transparent dream
huelyn duvall boom boom baby
preston school of industry if the straights of magellan should ever run dry
the mountain goats slow west vultures
the homosexuals mecho madness
pavement mellow jazz descent
björk litli tonistan madurinn
chicago underground trio shoelace
enzo lanzo pinodda
meat puppets crazy
the kids of widney high e-l-v-i-s
duane eddy caravan pt. 1
junkie xl perfect blue sky
the vowels hey neighbor
the walkmen my old man
shockabilly secret of the cooler
army of ponch foil monkeys or bread monkeys either one
team dresch she's amazing
roxy music three and nine
fifth hour hero everything i won't miss
cat on form set them on fire with their own matches
kaitlyn ni donovan the hunter
nwa compton's in the house
big al downing and the poe kats down on the farm
barbara lewis hello stranger
serge gainsbourg daisy temple
cheval de frise lucarne des combles
run run run drizzle
david murray ballad of a decomposed beauty
shoukichi kina don don bushi
francine reed one monkey (don't stop no show)
marvin johnson save me a boogie
dante 80-96
roddy jackson hiccups
pinocchio & his puppets fusion
arnett cobb mr. pogo
rene hall's orchestra, featuring willie joe twitchy
lord invader & mighty dictator my intention is war
the spinanes hawaiian baby
the space negros let's go to the moon

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big pile of bones

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