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monday's playlist: 2/09/04

les batons rouge burning desire
notwist neon golden
raybeats cocktails
devo jerkin' back and forth
the homosexuals false sentiments
wire reuters
serge gainsbourg planteur punch
ghost dominoes - celebration for the gray days
yello domingo
senor coconut the robots
chicago underground trio protest
johnny otis jumpin' at the woodside
wipers i want a way
½ japanese vast continent
x in this house i call home
the clovers nip sip
psychedelic furs president gas
joy division love will tear us apart
public enemy louder than a bomb
john cage indeterminancy
billy bragg it says here
mtx oh just have some faith in me
olivia tremor control dusk at cubist castle
the who instant party
savath & savalas ultimo tren
rubber rodeo house of pain
david greenberger my first funeral
velvet underground i heard her call my name
robert wyatt the whole point of no return
weird war store bought pot
stick maghee drinkin' wine spo-dee-o-dee
the breeders glorious
albert king cross cut saw
grant hart 2541
muzsikas the rooster is crowing
sly & the family stone stand
ugly casanovas smoke like ribbons
groovie ghoulies lost generation/do the bat
richard hell blank generation
zuzu's petals happy
screeches getaway

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big pile of bones

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