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monday's playlist: 2/02/04

hüsker dü beyond the threshold
mc5 american ruse
the screeches getaway
horrorpops what's under my bed
the cramps the strangeness in me
hella #3
circle jerks i wanna destroy you
chicken lips bad skin
skywave over and over
new order hurt
mahjongg turf war (on a global scale)
the clash time is tight
the mar-keys too pooped to pop-eye
frank zappa & the mothers of invention the downtown talent scout
oscar perry i found true love
bunny wailer peace talk
adelaide hall with the mills blue rhythm band drop me off in harlem
the lords young heartbeat
eric dolphy miss ann
olivia tremor control marking time
ghost kiseichukan nite
modest mouse dramamine
measles mumps rubella fountain remix
fela kuti colonial mentality
paco de lucia patio custodio
jack kerouac hard hearted old farmer
robert mitchum tic tic tic
greg palast the best democracy money can buy
bipoloroid king of cabbages
the charms candy
front line assembly maniacal
electrelane birds
frenemies i'm free again
evaporators are you mad at me?
dolly cooper time brings about a change
big jay mcneely the goof
tony harris you fascinate me
the duke of iron marry a woman uglier than you
the chateaux reference
weird war grand fraud

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big pile of bones

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