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monday's playlist: 1/29/07
vietnam too tired
hella world series
of montreal we were born mutants again with leafling
christine rosenvinge continental 62
arcade fire black mirror
shins sea legs
gipsy kings canastero
soweto gospel choir i'll remember you
chicago afrobeat project crunch
new young pony club ice cream
paul weller you're the best thing
kristin hersh the thin man
birds & batteries albuquerque
deerhoof look away
clinic children of kellogg
the woggles el toro
love me nots cry
piebald roll on
ono w/ cat power revelations
rosyvelt sue
busdriver less yes's, more no's
zero dB anything's possible
the good, the bad & the queen the good, the bad & the queen
the stranglers see me coming
arab strap the first big weekend
refrigerator comedians
apples in stereo can you feel it
the beatings false positive
modest mouse good times are killing me
dengue fever sui bong
calexico letter to bowie knife

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big pile of bones

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