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monday's playlist: 1/22/07
modest mouse dashboard
ono w/ brian eno &flaming lips cambridge 1969/2007
chicago afrobeat project talking bush
the good, the bad & the queen 3 changes
fats domino are you going my way
little johnny taylor part time love
jefferson airplane white rabbit
little sister you're the one
joe therrien & his rockets hey babe, let's go downtown
the stranglers bless you (save you, spare you, damn you)
max richter sunlight
baby shambles love you but you're green
toby goodshank now
the pogues down all the days
the shins nothing at all
chubu fadela & cheb sahboui nsel fiki
david e. sugar radioactivity
otis redding pain in my heart
billy strayhorn johnny come lately
gal costa ave maria no morro
new order everything's gone green
dj shadow fixed income
mum now there is that fear again
miles davis bitches brew
eyeball skeleton spooky mummy case
the twilight sad and she would darken the memory
motorhead built for speed
the bird & the bee i'm a broken heart
the minute men on one
zerodb know what i'm sayin'
ono w/ le tigre sisters o sisters

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big pile of bones

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