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monday's playlist: 1/15/07
replacements here come the regulars
the litter codine
animals sky pilot
camera obscura if looks could kill
elvis presley reconsider baby
candi staton victim
butthole surfers all day
beastie boys cookie puss
sonic youth kim's chords
captain beefheart best batch yet
tom waits army ants
muffs is it all okay?
klaxons gravity's van she remix
null sleep the model
miho hatori in your arms
albert ayler truth is marching in
clifford brown carvin' the rock
sonny rollins the moon at manakoora
psychedelic furs it goes on
rolling stones gimme shelter
joy division dead souls
lungfish love will ruin your mind
roy milton you mean so much to me
ghostface killah w/ amy winehouse you know i'm no good
bob marley midnight raver
rockin' sidney color me zydeco
john lee hooker bottle up and go
buzzard bait horsey horsey
oho andy & kukrudu osoleo
funkadelic the electric spanking of war babies
laurie anderson the fifth plague
curtis mayfield right on for darkness
martin luther king, jr. i wouldn't stop there

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big pile of bones

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