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monday's playlist: 1/8/07
james brown mother popcorn/it's too funky in here/king herion/night train
pj harvey happy & bleeding
eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black buggy boogie woogie
the scavengers but if you're happy
earl sixteen musically crucial
low immune
flaming lips pilot can let the queer of god
sol hoopii's quartet hula girl
the beatles across the universe
gerald ford mr. president
david bowie starman
electronic make it happen
h-bomb ferguson she's been gone
girls against boys vera cruz
roddy jackson there's a moose on the loose
scott hamilton just a-sittin' and a-rockin'
anthony braxton composition 40 (o)
killing joke aeon
8-bit weapon spacelab
bad brains song time
the clash police and thieves
staples singers i'll take you there
talking heads the big country
billie holiday these foolish things
max frost & the troopers shape of things to come
art farmer sad to say
andrew hill tripping
roy eldridge can't get started
ohindjarinja chant himba
sleepy john estes needmore has harmed many a man
the cramps mean machine
james brown doing it to death

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big pile of bones

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