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monday's playlist: 01/31/05

sage francis the buzz kill
mr. lif return of the b-boy
new order shell shocked
laurie anderson puppet motel
roky erickson before in the beginning
ice-t you played yourself
madness my girl
interpol obstacle 1
tuxedo moon i heard it through the grapevine
young-holt unlimited light my fire
fine young cannibals johnny come home
boss hog ruby
camper van beethoven good guys and bad guys
the el caminos quite a surf party
polystyrene big boy big toy
einsturzende neubauten die explosion im fest spielhaus
nick cave and the bad seeds into my arms
esg dance
don caballero delivering the groceries @ 138 beats per minute
malcolm mclaren buffalo gals
international noise conspiracy born into a mess
velvet underground i found a reason
the hives diabolic scheme
the jam the modern world
pj harvey is this desire
au pairs stepping out of line
pavement here
suicide wild in blue
erase errata marathon
ornette coleman times square
bjork aeroplane
stanley clarke vulcan princess
radio 4 give me all your money
revolting cocks let's get physical
sunshine victim is another name for lover
mission of burma all world cowboy romance
low venus

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big pile of bones

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