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monday's playlist: 01/05/04

joy division heart & soul
adolescents rip it up
wladyslaw polak diabel w miewoli (devil in jail)
betty blowtorch love hate
guitar wolf the way i walk
modest mouse beach side
devo stuck in a loop
beat nigs malcolm x
r.l. burnside glory be
minutemen #1 hit song
the donnas i don't wanna know (if you don't want me)
x-ray specs germ free
negativland the perfect cut (48 hours)
die monitr batss white shock
joel gray white room
martin denny tsetse fly
firewater paint it black
nice cave & the bad seeds cannibal hymn
dean martin ain't that a kick in the head
dick dale doom box
senor coconut autobahn
pigface asphole
pop will eat itself dance of the mad bastards
klang we step softly
betty swann little things mean a lot
dengue fever lost in laos
morcheeba the sea
cambodian rocks #20
bob mould black sheets of rain
suicide why be blue
electronic idiot country

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big pile of bones

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