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monday's playlist: 1/26/04

the mountain goats pigs that ran straightaway into the water, triumph of
ghost hazy paradise
wink martindale card stud
captain beefheart sheriff of hong kong
serotonin error correction
art ensemble of chicago immm
von freeman little willie leaps
johnyy hodges stompy jones
eddie higgins por toda a minha vida
motorhead the watcher
the hives find another girl
belly silverfish
chuck berry house of blue lights
chuck higgins r&r aka oh yeah
sean paul punkie
jean grae hater's anthem
bob marley want more
aesop rock babies with guns
king sunny ade samba e falabe lewe
au pairs headache for michelle
bobby charles see you later alligator
atmosphere cats von bags
roky erickson bermuda
groovie ghoulies running with bigfoot
officer may slow burn
weird war if you can't beat 'em, bite 'em
xtc this is pop
beat happening bury the hammer
neats do the things
bentmen bloody benders
kramer you've got to hide your love away
corb lund band she won't come to me
the selector die happy
birdsongs of the mesozoic theme from rocky & bullwinkle
shonen knife cookie day
the ass baboons of venus beautiful moments pulled from a hole
the birthday party jennifer's veil
wolves 20
public image limited angry
black heart procession the one who has disappeared
the husbands take it or leave it

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big pile of bones

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