mesh5 studios

august 15, 2016
edition #677
the bran flakes you can be my monkey
dmz when i get off
the moldy peaches what went wrong
bunny & skitter a little mashin'
flipper shed no tears
leroy carr poppa's on the house top
selecter the selecter
death valley girls pink radiation
elvis depressedly pepsi/coke suicide
kristin kontrol skin shed
jeff beck right now
paul weller the pebble & the boy
los lobos we'll meet again
butthole surfers something
the gotobeds glass house
the beatles yes it is
germs not all right
frank zappa & the mothers of invention america drinks and goes home
all the real girls the day we finally burn
feral conservatives logan's song
field music stay awake
wes montgomery four on six
bill evans peace piece
duke ellington fleurette africaine
mourn gertrudis, get through this
the julie ruin i'm done
drinking flowers simulated happiness
the who too much of anything
doc watson the train that carried my girl from town
the pines there in spirit
bob wills & his texas playboys crippled turkey
elvis presley baby let's play house
tex ritter double dealin' darlin'
sturgill simpson just let go
cate le bon yellow blinds cream shadows
easter monkeys 14th floor
the donkeys hurt somebody
the love dimension get real wild
the decorations i can't even
black rebel motorcycle club rise or fall
lord creator don't stay out late
clancy eccles bag a boo
jimmy cliff miss jamaica
the cure disintegration
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