mesh5 studios

may 30, 2016
edition #666
sonny & the sunsets reject of the lowest planet
adam green me from far away
astronauts of antiquity recover
betty black baby loves his gun
new found land forgetmenot
pity sex wappen beggars
a giant dog not a miracle
holy wave sir isaac nukem
museum mouth history's mysteries
thee commons su sonrisa
frank zappa & the mothers of invention brown shoes don't make it
shockabilly eight miles high
balkans flowers everywhere
the coathangers copy cat
the cure a night like this
radiohead day dreaming
the veldt a token
anthony b ghetto youth
heron oblivion sudden lament
the human league the things dreams are made of
ziggy marley love is a rebel
little scream love as a weapon
cate le bon i was born on the wrong day
guided by voices hotel x (big soap)
david bowie all the mad men
the stooges dirt
king gizzard & the lizard wizard people-vultures
mountain grave the final dimensions of blight
ty segall alone
tanya donelly salt
fleshtones i'm still thirsty
le matos eyes throat genitals
tacocat talk
marissa nadler shadow dance diane
pygmy lush good dirt
flat worms petulance
madness i chase the devil aka ironshirt
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