mesh5 studios

march 7, 2016
edition #655
savages adore
heavy trash gatorade
fur cups for teeth wide awake
porches underwater
promised land sound within sight
shocking blue love buzz
you say party 112
the donkeys day by day
x los angeles
living hour steady glazed eyes
babes it toyland he's my thing
patti smith pissing in a river
heron oblivion sudden
eerie wanda mirage
david bowie i can't give everything away
ariel pink's haunted grafitti early birds of babylon
the noble thieves give 'em hell
seth augustus to the pouring rain
fucked up teenage problems
dressy bessy in particular
motörhead love can't buy you money
flipper life is cheap
fruit bats from a soon-to-be ghost town
violent femmes what you really mean
drunken logic rhythm of the rain
braid damages!
so pitted i'm not over it
pet sun free season
eleanor friedberger open season
ra ra riot water
xu xu fang run you pony run
milk lines pellucidar
money i'll be the night
thee fine lines fixed
yuck yr face
skylar gadasz i'll be your man
war + pierce i lived to tell about it
the heavy the big bad wolf
tortoise hot coffee
charles wright & the 103rd street rhythm band express yourself
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