mesh5 studios

may 18, 2015
edition #615
modest mouse cowboy dan
gateway drugs cavity creeps
weed they don't ask me
monophonic falling apart
noel gallagher's high flying birds freaky teeth
blur thought i was a spaceman
wire split your ends
darkness falls dance & cry
juan wauters this is i
the helio sequence red shifting
rose windows come get us again
screaming females empty head
kimya dawson little monster babies
gang of four natural's not in it
crocodiles transylvania
automaton safe bet
palma violets pete + the gun
roy orbison running scared
james brown get up, get into it, get involved
cambodian rocks track #17
sarena-maneesh blow yr brains in the morning rain
beth orton best bit
best coast run through my head
the rolling stones my obsession
nirvana sappy (1999 studio demo)
the shangri-las remember (walkin' in the sand)
crushed beaks choices
the authorities bend me
surfer blood i can't explain
captain beefheart ice rose
eels parallels
johnny cash cocaine blues
paul weller steam
giant sand texting feist
speedy ortiz mister difficult
pow! at the dock
the holydrug couple baby, i'm going away
damned white rabbit
traffic forty thousand headmen
dead moon we won't change
shocking blue love buzz
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